About Us

Bethlehem Lutheran Church and Preschool 

"Faithful to Jesus, we reach out to everyone."

We consider ourselves to be missionaries in our growing community. Living as a biblical family compelled by the love of Jesus Christ, we grow His people in numbers and in strength by fulfilling the five purposes God has established for our lives:

Worship - to know God better and love him more every day.

Fellowship - to love each other as Jesus has loved us all.

Discipleship - to become like Christ in all we say and do.

Ministry - to serve the Lord while growing in faith and love.

Mission - to serve God by serving others and sharing the Good News.

This is all part of who we are and the reason for our fellowship. Amazing things happen when Christians prepare their minds to do God’s work. He prepares the way and we are confident that God will continue to fulfill his purposes among us.

Prepare your minds for action, be confident, and fix your hope completely on the grace brought to you by the revelation of Jesus Christ.

1 PETER 1:13

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