Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the following roles at Bethlehem, please contact the church office at 262-968-2194 or secretary@bethlehemfamily.org.  You may also speak to the Welcome Center individual.  


The acolyte is responsible for lighting and extinguishing the altar candles for each service.  Bethlehem confirmation students rotate for acolyte duties.  

Altar Guild

Worship services require special attention in preparing the church and altar for each service with special attention to the Lord's Table.

Audio/Visual Team

The AV team is behind the scenes, ensuring the microphones, sound equipment, power point slides are all operating appropriately to ensure the worship service is technically transparent.  Experience is not needed.

Coffee Hour

After the worship service, visitors and members gather in the fellowship hall for snacks and refreshments and of course socializing and fellowship.  Preparing coffee and setting out the snacks is part of the duties as well as clean up afterward.  


Visitors are enthusiastically welcomed with a warm and friendly smile by greeters at Bethlehem's doors.  Individuals with special needs are assisted and directed to a worship host. 

Kid Church

Leaders of Kid Church offer children an opportunity to participate in worship ministry at a level fitting for their age, 3 years to third grade.  It is held in the fellowship hall with adult leadership during the sermon.  Both leaders and assistants are needed during this 15-20 minute session.  


An onsite nursery looking into the sanctuary is available with audio service available.  Care for infants and toddlers in the nursery during the Sunday service is usually available or parents can choose to care for their own child in the nursery.   

Scripture Readers

The scripture readers, both men and women, enjoy using their speaking gift to effectively deliver God's word to His people. 

Welcome Center

This individual welcomes arriving guests and members and assists them with using the name tags. They provide visitors with a name tag and may introduce them to another BLC member so they feel welcome. 

The Welcome Center also hosts the information and sign up sheets for the various activities and events at BLC.  This individual needs to keep these items in view.  

 Worship Host

The Worship Host ensures that people are greeted as they enter the sanctuary and feel welcome.  Worship hosts distribute bulletins, record attendance, pass the offering plates, and perform usher duties during communion.