Care Ministries

Our Caring Ministries reach out in Christian love to support our members, guests & community who are facing tough times in their lives.

Prayer Teams

We want to lift up our members, guests & others in prayer. God promises to hear and answer our prayers. Please fill out the prayer request form.

Prayer Chain The prayer chain starts with our secretary who sends an email to everyone on the prayer chain. This team prays regularly for the individual or family in need. They also meet the first Sunday of the month at 6pm for group prayer over requests and those on the prayer list.

Prayer Warriors This team prays regularly for those listed on the prayer list. They also meet the first Sunday of the month at 6pm for group prayer over all prayer requests and other needs in our world.

Meal Train

Members of this team prepare and deliver meals, providing loving support to those who are sick, recently released from the hospital, or have had a new baby.

Bereavement Teams

Luncheon Team If a family desires a luncheon or reception when a church member dies this team organizes the volunteers providing side dishes and desserts. They also arrange for the purchase of a main course.

Support Team This team assures no brother or sister in Christ grieves alone. They strive to provide spiritual support and comfort to the family and also assist with transportation, small chores, greeting visitors, answering phone calls and house sitting.

*Shut-in Visits

This team serves a vital function by visiting elderly and others who live independently, but are “shut in” and cannot attend services.

Family Assistance

This team determines financial need for families who need temporary help while striving for financial independence.